FreeFlo Copper

FreeFlo Copper Fungicide – 100g

An organic copper hydroxide that controls a wide range of fungal and bacterial diseases on roses and ornamentals.

Active ingredient: 300g/kg copper as copper hydroxide in the form of a water dispersible granule.

General information: Broad spectrum copper spray that controls a wide range of fungal and bacterial diseases.

The Benefits of FreeFlo Copper: Superior efficacy, rainfastness and persistance due to fine particle size. Superior bioavailability giving better protection from fungal and bacterial pathogens. Reduced elemental copper application equals better environmental protection. Quality formulation resulting in problem free handling, mixing and application.

Directions: Use the measuring cap supplied. The cap supplied has marked lines and if filled to the top line is equal to 11g. Half fill the spray tank with water, slowly add the required amount of FreeFlo Copper while keeping well stirred. Complete top up with water. 

See Information Sheet below for further details.


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