OceanFert® Granular Seaweed Fertiliser – 1kg, 8kg

An organic seaweed fertiliser derived from fresh, Ascophyllum nodosum. For use in all fruit and vegetable crops, ornamentals and lawns as a slow release fertiliser and naturally derived soil conditioner.

Active ingredients: A pure form of granulated Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed.

General information: OceanFert® Granular Seaweed Fertiliser. OceanFert® is a slow release fertiliser. Soil micro-organisms breakdown and decompose the solid granules over a long period of time, slowly releasing nutrients and compounds as the growing plants require them. 

OceanFert® is a naturally derived soil conditioner. It will increase soil organic matter, improve soil physical structure and enhance fungal and bacterial activity in the soil. 

Plant and soil benefits from consistent use:

• Improves growth, yield and quality of crops.

• Improves availability and composition of major and minor nutrients.

• Promotes greater root growth and development.

• Increases vigour and resilience to biotic and abiotic stress.

• Enhances soil microbial activity in the soil.

• Improves soil pH, texture, aeration and drainage. 

• OceanFert® is meant to be used as part of your conventional fertiliser program and is certified for use on organic crops. Final recommendations should be based on soil tests and soil specific conditions. 

Directions: See detailed table on product label.


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