BIONEEM® A Commercial Grade, Biological Insecticide From GROSAFE

BioNeem® is a broad spectrum insecticide derived from the neem tree, for the control of aphids, thrips, whitefly, leafminers, mealybugs and scale.

BioNeem® contains 10,000 ppm (1%) of pure azadirachtin and 30% clarified hydrophobic extract of neem oil to produce a high efficacy “Super Neem”.

For use on fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, flowers and lawns.


BioNeem® is a naturally based anti-feeding insecticide. It leads to feeding inhibition and to moulting and a reduction in fecundity and breeding ability. BioNeem® controls a wide range of plant pests without harming beneficial insects.

What sets BioNeem® apart from other Neem Products ?

In comparison to other Neem products based on neem oil, BioNeem® contains four times the amount of active ingredient compound in a standardised form. Unlike synthetic insecticides with only one biologically active compound, where their repeated use invariably results in build-up of resistance among the target insects, BioNeem® has multiple actives and no risk of resistance.

BioNeem® is a unique new generation formulation. It is formulated by using technical grade azadirachtin at a rate of 10g/litre and neem oil at a rate of 300g/litre. Azadirachtin technical is the true insecticide and is extracted from the neem seed while neem oil is added back to the formulation as a compatible “carrier” that provides additional insecticidal properties.

This clarified hydrophobic extract of neem oil supports the active ingredient, azadirachtin technical, by suffocating insect and mite pests.




Leaf Mining flies

Mealy bugs


Benefits of using BioNeem®

BioNeem® effectively controls the economically important pests such as whitefly, aphids, thrips, mealybugs, caterpillars and leafhoppers in a wide range of crops.

Does not affect natural enemies. Safe to use with beneficial

parasites and predators, thus offering long

lasting pest control.

Helps to increase productivity by controlling

pests and improving crop health.

BioNeem® is eco-friendly and helps to

maintain the Ecological Balance.

Insects cannot develop resistance against


No residue

Lower cost per litre

BioNeem® - 200ml

How to get the best from BioNeem®

1. Use only registered neem products approved for use on edibles such as Grosafe BioNeem®, which can be used on edibles with a one day withholding period.

2. Because the main modes of action are antifeedant and development disruption, BioNeem® is more effective on young stages of insects and less effective on mature stages. Hence if BioNeem® is used alone it is important to apply at first sign before insect colonies mature.

3. Coverage of all surfaces is important because insects readily find untreated spots to feed on and survive. 

4. Neem is more effective when mixed with Grosafe Enspray 99®.

Using Enspray 99® in a mixture with BioNeem®, provides the following benefits:

Enspray 99® is a food grade paraffin oil which controls   most stages of sucking insects from eggs – adults, by smothering, thus providing an instant kill of existing colonies including adults.

Enspray 99® is a very effective spreader-sticker which improves the coverage resulting in BioNeem® having better spread. 

BioNeem® is then left to repress re-establishment of the colony with it’s antifeedant and development disruption effect. 

The Enspray 99® plus BioNeem® mix, will give good control of small caterpillars, but larger caterpillar species may require addition of a caterpillar insecticide such as Grosafe Bactur® 

5. Grosafe BioNeem® plus Grosafe Enspray 99® are both BioGro Certified Organic. Use 8 ml of Grosafe Enspray 99® + 2 ml of Grosafe BioNeem® per litre of water.

6. Grosafe BioNeem® plus Grosafe Enspray 99® are best used at first sign as part of a prevention programme. Apply 2 or 3 sprays about 5 days apart.

As a preventative treatment before pests appear,

apply every 3 -4 weeks. Repeat as required.