Lawn Guard – 200ml

Controls many woody species and hard to kill weeds in lawns.

Active ingredient: Contains 100g/litre 2-4D plus 50g/litre dicamba, both as amine salts in the form of soluble concentrate.

General information: Grosafe® Lawn Guard is a selective weedkiller for the control of many woody weed species and hard to kill weeds in lawns as well as trees and stumps­­­­. Treats 250 square metres of lawn.

Directions: Lawns: To control broadleaf weeds, Onehunga weed and clovers in lawns established 3-4 mths or more. Apply to actively growing weeds in spring or autumn. Use 80ml per 100 square metres in to 10 litres of water. Keep children, pets, wildlife and birds off all treated lawns until the spray is dry. Hard to Kill Broadleaf Weeds: Convolvulus, docks, sorrel, cape ivy, thistles and buttercups. Apply to actively growing weeds in full leaf. Use 120 ml per 5 litres of water. Grosafe® Lawn Guard does not control grass weeds. Woody Scrub Weeds: Includes inkweeds, lupin, fennel, broom. Spray when growth is active from November until March. Use 120ml per 5 litres of water. Add Grosafe® EcoSpread® for improved wetting. Trees and Tree Stumps: To control willows, poplars, privets and other trees which resprout from stump. Mix one part of Grosafe® Lawn Guard with five parts of water and paint liberally onto freshly cut stump, or cut a frill around the base of the stump and paint exposed surface. It is important to treat around each stem or stump. Method of Application: Apply overall or spot application using a sprayer or fine rose watering can. Agitate thoroughly while filling. After use, thoroughly clean equipment and flush with clean water. DO NOT USE equipment for spraying fungicides. Note: When weeds are not actively growing, effects may not become noticeable until 3–4 weeks after application.

Compatability: Grosafe® Lawn Guard is compatible with both Grosafe Prickle Weedkiller and Grosafe Hydrocotyle Killer. For enhanced performance use with Grosafe BioPower® Seaweed Flake to stimulate plant growth. Use with Grosafe EcoSpread® for improved rainfastness (30 minutes) and efficacy.  



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