Knockdown® Weedkiller – 750ml RTU

Controls a wide range of grass and broadleaf weeds. Non selective herbicide. Biodegradable, no soil residues.

Active ingredient: Contains 7.2g/litre glyphosate in the form of a pre-mixed ready to use solution.

General information: Knockdown® Weedkiller controls a wide range of grass and broadleaf weeds including couch, kikuyu, paspalum, thistles and most oxalis species. It works by moving through the plant and into the root system killing the entire plant. Brown-off may take 7–14 days after application, depending on growing conditions. Knockdown® Weedkiller leaves no soil residue so treated areas may be sown immediately after weeds have died. Knockdown® Weedkiller has no soil activity and can be used for spot treatment of weeds in rockeries, paths, garden beds, lawns and around buildings.

Directions:  Spray all leaves until just wet. For best results apply Knockdown® Weedkiller to healthy, actively growing plants. If rainfall occurs up to 6 hours after spraying a repeat application may be required. Do not remove weeds for 7 days after treatment to allow time for Knockdown® Weedkiller to circulate through the root system. Avoid contact with desirable plants; if accidentally sprayed, hose off immediately with plenty of water to reduce plant damage. Do not spray when windy.


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