6 Products

InocBloc® Organic Prune’n’Paste – 5kg, 400g, 200g

Paint-on easy to apply pine based product that provides an effective natural barrier against devastating trunk diseases.

Aquaspread® Super Spreader – 5L

An organosilicone surfactant/wetting agent that enhances the spreading and foliage coverage of fungicides, insecticides, and some herbicides in low volume concentrate spraying.

EnSpray99® Crop Oil – 20L, 200L, 1000L

An emulsifiable, narrow range spray oil for the control of armoured scale on kiwifruit, armoured scale, greenhouse thrips and six-spotted mite on avocados, scale, aphids and mites on citrus, pip and stone fruits, and powdery mildew, botrytis, mealy bug and erineum mites on grapes.

Hybrid SB®  – 1L, 4L, 18L

A multifunctional non-ionic wetting and buffering adjuvant specially formulated to enhance performance of pesticides, plant growth regulators and foliar fertilisers.

Kiwi Stainoff LF – 20L, 200L

Water stain remover for kiwifruit. A low-foam phosphate-buffered solution of lactic acid and surfactant in the form of a water-soluble concentrate.

Kiwi Sheen CP – 20L, 200L, 1000L

A buffered solution of calcium phosphate and surfactant in water, formulated for use as a pre-harvest treatment for the removal of water stain on kiwifruit.