Etoxamite® – 5L

Contains 110g/litre etoxazole in the form of a suspension concentrate. A miticide for controlling Red mite and Two-spotted mite in pipfruit and Six-spotted mite in avocados.

Zonda Stump Gel – 5kg Pump Pack

Contains 43g/kg picloram as the potassium salt in the form of a gel. A ready to use herbicidal gel for direct application onto stump and cut stems; including wild ginger, agapanthus and woolly nightshade trees.

SureThin® – 4 x 250g Sachets

Contains 700g/kg metamitron in the form of a a water dispersible granule. A plant growth regulator for thinning apples.

InocBloc Organic Prune’n’Paste – 5kg, 400g, 200g

Paint-on easy to apply pine based product that provides an effective natural barrier against fungal and bacterial diseases.

Groventive® – 5L

Contains 100g/litre spirotetramat in the form of a suspension concentrate. A systemic insecticide for the control of apple leafcurling midge and armoured scales in apples, pear leafcurling midge in pears, mealy bugs in grapes, armoured scales in kiwifruit, Kelly’s citrus thrips and armoured scales in citrus, and thrips and mealybug in blueberries.