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Hortcare® Abamectin - 5L

Contains 18g/litre of abamectin in the form of an EC. For the control of mites on avocados, apples, pears, indoor tomatoes, strawberries and ornamentals, leafrollers on kiwifruit and Tomato-Potato psyllid on potatoes.

Approve® 70 WP - 86g x 10

Contains 700g/kg of tebufenozide in the form of a wettable powder and is used for the control of codling moth on pipfruit, and leaf roller caterpillars on pipfruit, kiwifruit, stonefruit (except cherries), grapes and avocados.

Announce® - 120g

Contains 50g/kg emamectin benzoate in the form of a water soluble granule, for the control of leafroller caterpillars on avocados, grapes, kiwifruit and pipfruit.

Hortcare® Bactur - 1Kg

Contains 32,000 International Units/ mg of Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies kurstaki. A biological Insecticide for the control of leafroller catterpillars and other lepidopterous larvae on various fruit and vegetable crops.

Hortcare® Chlorpyrifos 50EC - 20L

Contains 500g/litre of chlorpyrifos in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate and is a broad spectrum insecticide for use in a wide range of arable and fruit crops.

Hortcare® Commend® - 5L

Contains 480g/litre thiacloprid and is used as an systemic insecticide for the control of armoured scales, bronze beetle, coddling moth, mealy bugs, Froggatt's apple leafhopper, thrips on avocados and armoured scale on kiwifruit.

Hortcare® Diazinon 500EW - 20L

Contains 500g/litre diazinon in the form of an oil -in-water emulsion for the control of insects on fruit and vegetable crops and pasture.

Organic EnSpray 99®  - 20L, 200L, 1000L

An emulsifiable, narrow range spray oil for the control of armoured scale on kiwifruit, armoured scale, greenhouse thrips and six-spotted mite on avocados, scale, aphids and mites on citrus, pip and stone fruits, and powdery mildew, botrytis, mealy bug and erineum mites on grapes.

Groventive®  - 5L, 10L

Contains 100g/litre spirotetramat in the form of a suspension concentrate. A systemic insecticide for the control of apple leafcurling midge and armoured scales in apples, pear leafcurling midge in pears, mealy bugs in grapes, armoured scales in kiwifruit, Kelly’s citrus thrips and armoured scales in citrus, and thrips and mealybug in blueberries.

Hortcare® Lime Sulphur - 20L, 200L, 1000L

Contains 200g/litre sulphur as polysulphides in the form of a soluble concentrate. For the control of fungal diseases, insects and mites on a range of horticultural crops.

Hortcare® Spinosad SC - 5L

Contains 120g/litre spinosad in the form of a suspension concentrate, for the control of insect pests in Pipfruit, Avocados, Vegetable Brassicas, Tomatoes, vines, vegetables and fodder brassicas as a spray on insecticide.

Talent® - 5L

Contains 240g/litre methoxyfenozide, a specific insecticide for the control of codling moth on pipfruit, and leafrollers on avocados, grapes, kiwifruit, nectarines, peaches and pipfruit.